​These 4 Extreme Hair Transformations Will Motivate You To Call Your Stylist – Women’s Health

“I grew up super tomboyish—I can do my own makeup, but I’ve never known what to do with my hair. I’ve wanted to shave it for as long as I can remember just so I wouldn’t have to deal with it, but I’m an actor and thought long hair would be more castable. Then, last November, I started taking these acting classes that left me no time to audition, so I said, ‘F-ck it! I’m shaving my head!’

“One night, I just started cutting off my chest-length hair before grabbing my boyfriend’s electric razor to shave it. Unfortunately, it broke after two strokes, so I borrowed my neighbor’s professional buzzer. It was the night of the presidential election—it occurred to me halfway through the process that, wow, we’re going to have our first female president tomorrow; this haircut feels really badass and feminist! It didn’t work out that way, clearly, but I still feel the same way about the cut.

“Buzzing my head gave me this feeling of release, and it helped me establish a personal style too. A buzzed head looks good with everything! Red lipstick always intimidated me; now I wear it pretty much every day.

“One of the first things people say to me is, ‘Oh my god, I could never do that! My head is so misshapen!’ Who cares?! It’s been really interesting to see how other people see my hair, and see themselves in it.”

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