42 Problems All Girls With Thick Hair Have Gone Through – BuzzFeed News

13. Needing to shampoo at least twice, probably three times so that it reaches the inner core of your hair.

14. Loads of hairs getting lodged in you bum.

15. Having to pull the hairs out of your bum and it feeling very weird.

16. The shower drain getting blocked every few days.

17. Having to pull the “drain rat” out because you know it is largely your fault.

18. Creating “hair art” on the walls of the shower.

19. A weak shower that can’t penetrate your hair, so you know it will never properly wash the shampoo out.

20. It taking time and effort to get your hair fully wet, right to the deepest layer.

21. Washing and drying your hair, and realising there’s a coating of shampoo residue deep within which makes your hair feel greasier than before you washed it.

22. Combs snapping in your hair.

23. Brushing your hair with a soft brush and the bristles just bending back and refusing to do their job.