43 Problems Every Girl With Long Hair Has Experienced At Least Once – BuzzFeed News

30. Some towels not being big enough to actually cover your hair when you wrap it after a shower.

31. Having to pull big masses of hair out of shower drains.

32. Finding dangling, shed hairs everywhere you go.

33. Having to flip your head upside down to put on a necklace, so that it doesn’t get caught in your hair.

34. Getting hair woven all around your hair ties, making them too gross to wear around your wrist.

35. Nobody noticing when you get a haircut, even though anything more than inch off your hair is BIG deal to you.

36. Having to stand up when you get your hair cut.

37. Being worried when you go to the bathroom that your hair will accidentally dip into the toilet bowl, because of that one time it happened.

38. Getting toothpaste in your hair when you brush your teeth.

39. Being unable to sleep comfortably without tying your hair up.

40. Getting your hair stuck in the back of the hair dryer.

41. And feeling distraught when you have to rip off the end of your hair to free it.

42. Having to use half a pack of hairpins to do a bun.

43. And finally, despite all this, getting strangely competitive if you see someone with longer hair than you, even though you complain about it all the time.