Say bye-bye balayage, hello to the “tiger eye”. No, not the semi-precious stone, the hair trend.

Hair colours come in rich, varying shades of brown which interplay with rippling shades of light and dark hues, much like the tiger eye gemstone it’s named after, that’s in yellow and gold stripes. This trend emerged last year, but is gaining new traction thanks to brands such as L’Oreal Professionnel which are extolling the merits of the easy-to-carry warm look.

Before you go rushing out to your colourist though, note that the colours pan out better on long hair which gives more space for the effect to be seen in its full glory, so you might want to rethink that hair appointment.

One smart cookie offered this piece of life hack advice: when you go to the hairstylist, mention that you want to streak your hair “brown with different highlights”, rather than ask for “the tiger eye” hair trend. Makes a huge difference in the bill apparently.

While chocolate flavours may or may not be taking over keratin manes, Korean styles are definitely slowly but surely infiltrating other aspects of our lives.

It isn’t just K-pop and K-drama that’s making everyone twirl around and take notice, Korean skincare has affected the beauty industry tremendously and it looks as if Korean hairstyles might be shaking up the hair scene too.

According to, celebrities such as Lee Min-jung and singer Bomi (from Apink) may be leaving a trail of imitators in their wake. Their two-block hair cut come off as pretty straightforward: hair in front is cut short whereas the hair at the back is left long. Versatile with short wispy strands of hair framing the face in a soft, feminine look, K-lovers are gonna swoon over this.

Another popular K-trend is ash-grey hair, which has now been given a lavender ash-brown edge. The touch of purple stands out even more in the sunlight. For a safer approach, it seems an ash-blonde combination “would be flattering on fair skin while those more tanned skin tones should opt for a darker shade of ash-blonde”.

One colour which has never gone out of style is … wait for it … brown! So yes, the tiger eye would fit right in here, and chestnut brown or light brown colours are still the fad. Take a look at Yoona, no not our Malaysian award-winning songstress Yuna, but the one from pop group Girls’ Generation, that is.

Jessica Alba sporting the tiger eye hair trend. Photo: AFP

It’s fascinating how skin tone will always be considered subjective beauty: in some parts of the world, the whiter, the better while the converse – judging from how some women (and orange men) go through extreme lengths for a tan – is also much sought after.

South Sudanese beauty Nyakim Gatwech who lives in Minneapolis, United States, has been dubbed “Queen of Dark” because of her skin tone ( Brimming with self-confidence, Nyakim reportedly shut down an Uber driver who suggested that she consider bleaching her skin.

Bullied for her dark complexion while growing up, she has risen above body-shaming critics to embrace her God-given feature, and is empowering others with her positive quotes and attitude. Today, the 24-year-old international clothes horse has become an inspiration to many with her modelling success and is quite the sensation with her gorgeous photoshoot images (#nyakim).

Beauty is beyond skin deep but if you feel the need to cover surface flaws, beauty brand Benefit has come up with a whole barrage of concealers that’s just out this month. Ranging from air-brush, brightening, hydrating to industrial strength concealers, what’s quirky and sticks in your head is the name given to the collection – “Boi-ing”! Reviews have been good though I’ve yet to test it out myself. But I’ll definitely get a kick from telling people with a straight face that I’ve got Boi-ing on my face!

Sometimes I think there’s a subconscious in-built system within me to live precariously, which would explain the little “heart attacks” I give myself from time to time.

Last year, I took my son’s passport by mistake – oh, the drama that ensued at the airport and how I almost had to cancel my holiday! This time round, I had been so engrossed at work that I didn’t check my passport’s expiry date, only to discover two nights before my departure date that I had less than six months left.

And of course, this had to happen during the school holidays. Despite many accounts from friends who had high praises for the Immigration Department’s efficiency, it sucked four long hours of my life which I will never get back. I am, however, very grateful that I live in a country where I can get my passport back in the same day, otherwise this would have been quite a different sob story.

Patsy Kam aims to stay focused on what matters and let go of the negative.