Summer is finally here (we think) and so it’s time to give your hair a bit of a boost.

Feeling like your mane is looking a bit dull or frazzled? We’ve put four new masks and treatments to the test, so you can treat your locks to a pamper. Hello, shinier, bouncier and more nourished looking hair!

For best results: shampoo, towel-dry, then apply your mask. Leave to sink in, then rinse out and condition with your regular conditioner.

Conditioner is only for the mid-lengths and ends, but a mask can be applied all over the hair, from the roots down. Comb it through with your fingers or a wet brush to cover every strand.

There’s some damage you can’t fix: split ends are not repairable and, like getting a ladder in your favourite tights, if you leave them they’ll just get worse and travelling further up your hair strand. Snip them off with regular trims, even if you’re trying to grow your hair.

1. Palmer’s Manuka Formula Protein Pack Deep Conditioner, £2.99

Manuka Honey Deep Conditioner

The mask: Packaged into a travel-friendly sachet, this mask will do 1-2 uses, depending on how thick your hair is. The manuka and cocoa butter aim to restore brittle hair back to its shining glory.

Lifestyle & beauty editor Octavia says: “I do love a sachet for travelling with and, as unconvinced as I was by the whole “two uses” (who wants an open sachet in their sponge bag?) it was actually plenty for two go-rounds and took my hair from eek to sleek in 5 minutes, twice!”

2. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment, £4.99

Aussie Hair 3 Minute Miracle Nourish

The mask: This avocado oil-infused formula works to soften and smooth hair in as little as three minutes.

Beauty writer Zoe says: “Three minutes, you say? Great – saves jumping in and out of the shower. It really does work in that time too, though I found I got best results if I left it on for an hour or so. I’ve just been away and this has made my dry ends look less damaged, and much smoother.”

3. Botanicals Safflower Rich Infusion Masque For Dry Hair, £14

Loreal Botanicals Hair mask

The mask: It’s gone down the more natural botanical route, with a paraben and
colourant-free formula. There are different masks in the range for different hair types, but this one gives dry hair a nourishing boost.

Lifestyle & beauty editor Octavia says: “Outstanding – the next day three people said, “Your hair looks nice, have you had it done?”. And that was after one use. It made it so soft and bouncy so I couldn’t stop running my fingers through it – which does make it need washing more, but feels lovely.”

4. Kérastase Reflection Masque Chromatique, £30.20

Kerastase Hair Mask

The mask: If you have coloured or highlighted hair, this promises to stop it from fading and becoming dry, damaged and sensitised.

Beauty writer Zoe says: “I know, it’s a splurge, but my hair loves this stuff. The whole Chromatique range is designed for colour-treated hair like mine. It has UV filters and vitamin E, to stop colour fading even in the sun. My blonde looks so much brighter and healthier after letting this sit for 15 minutes.”