Don’t let Your Hair get You Down—We’ll Show You how to Kick Hair Loss Into Place – The Good Men Project (blog)

This post sponsored by New Hairline.

When you begin to experience hair loss, you can be affected both psychologically and emotionally with the end result being a mix of negative feelings including anxiety and even depression.  Once you begin to lose confidence in your appearance, you may feel older and less attractive. This can escalate into the development of a negative body image, particularly in younger men.

Don’t suffer silently

Hair loss can also have an undesirable effect upon how we think others see us, particularly when we begin to feel less attractive.  Self-esteem can take a hit affecting current relationships, dating, and meeting new people.  And it doesn’t stop there; depending upon the type of work you do, and particularly if your role involves being in the public eye and networking, you may find yourself performing less enthusiastically, feeling your career is being disadvantaged.

Because hair loss is beyond our control, it is not uncommon to feel stressed and distressed.  But the thing to remember is hair loss need not be permanent.  Apart from things like drugs and surgical hair transplants, there are now some amazing non-surgical solutions that can restore your hair back to its natural glory, thus giving your confidence an enormous boost.  This is where NewHairline can help as we produce one of the most natural hair systems available, and used by stylists the world over.

100% natural human hair

Made of lush 100% Remy human hair, our clients report their amazement due to the fact that the hair looks absolutely genuine and akin to getting back their old head of hair.

With NewHairLine you can:

  • Wear continuously for 13 weeks
  • Sleep in it
  • Shower and swim in it
  • Exercise in it

No matter how physically demanding your lifestyle, your hair will remain secure and absolutely undetectable.

Following your natural hairline

Our hair systems are so cleverly created and designed that apart from friends and family, no-one will have any idea that you are not sporting your own natural hair. Even clients with major hair loss, such as that caused by Alopecia, are able to see what looks like their own hair being restored before their very eyes, following their natural hairline and looking beautifully genuine in every way. Look in the mirror and you will find it hard to believe that your hair is not actually growing from your scalp; not only will it look spectacular but it will feel equally so, being so light and comfortable that you will not detect its presence on your head.

Choose from our stock or custom-made toupee for men and your new hair will be cut, styled and ready to wear. Made by skilled craftsmen to look effortlessly genuine, you will find your confidence restored and your self-image maintained.

Look as good as you should without the need for expensive and painful surgical solutions when you can benefit so much from the NewHairLine hair systems.