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BIZARRE beauty trends haunt every generation, from the eccentric perms of the ­Eighties to shaved eyebrows a decade later.

But today’s make-up mishaps seem worse than ever, with reality stars such as Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner sending young women down rabbit holes of crazed contouring, Tango tans and trout pouts.

 Viewers were shocked by X Factor contestant Scarlett Lee's questionable make-up - complete with orange fake tan
Viewers were shocked by X Factor contestant Scarlett Lee’s questionable make-up – complete with orange fake tan

X Factor contestant and make-up artist Scarlett Lee, 19, left ­viewers gobsmacked with her luminous orange tan, striped bronzer, purple lip liner and white eye concealer.

One tweeted: “Did Scarlett fall into a vat of wood stain on the way to audition?” Another said: “Yikes! That’s so much orange. Hiding her lovely face.”

But make-up artist Lisa Sloneem says: “Scarlett is nothing compared to some women I’ve seen who have tried to recreate the Kardashian look. At least she applied her make-up in the right way. It was just too much.

“There’s a trend for greyish foundation and slug eyebrows. That’s much worse and sometimes I wish I went around with a siren I could put on when I spotted bad make-up. It’s time to go back to basics.”

 Our beauty expert demonstrates how to get the natural look right
Our beauty expert demonstrates how to get the natural look right

Here, Lisa tells LYNSEY HOPE how to return to beauty school with her essential application tips for key areas.

Lesson 1: Base

THE biggest beauty sins for your base are choosing the wrong foundation shade and applying too much, then using a pale under-eye concealer which is not blended in.

1) MATCH your foundation to your skin tone by blending it well into the jawline in natural daylight.

Blend foundation using your hands as you would with a moisturiser. Start with a small amount at the centre of your face and blend out towards the jawline.

The warmth of your hands will meld the foundation into your skin.

2) DON’T make the mistake of applying too pale a concealer under eyes to disguise dark ­circles, as it will actually highlight and draw attention to them.

You’ll get panda eyes in photos.

Try a concealer with a corrective peachy colour under the eye and a tone that matches your foundation for spot coverage.

Lauren Goodger

The former Towie star got it very wrong when she stepped out with a face-full of make-up that was noticably lighter than her body.

The beauty blunder was only highlighted by the paparazzi’s cameras.

Lesson 2: Contouring

THERE is a fine line between looking like a Kardashian and a “car-crash-ian”.

If you go crazy with the contouring or fail to blend, you are likely to fall into the latter category.

1) WHEN choosing a contour shade, stay away from anything too far from your natural skin ­colour that will make the contrast too harsh and unnatural.
A cream bronzer with a warm tone will ensure your contour does not look dirty and grey.

2) APPLY just under your cheekbone and blend well with an angled blush brush such as ­Benefit Hoola Quickie Contour Stick (£23.50, Boots).
To soften the look, add a touch of natural flush to the apples of the cheeks and blend.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki fell victim to a common problem in contoruing – failing to blend properly.

And when the camera flashed, the star’s beauty blunder was only made more obvious.

Lesson 3: Brows

AFTER years of over-plucking, women now want ­statement brows like Cara ­Delevingne.

But many fall into the cartoony, sluggish brow trap by over-pencilling.

1) FOR a natural way to define your brows, try filling in sparse areas with a brow pen.

Use a super-fine brush to allow you to draw on fine hairs where needed. This will avoid brows looking blocky and unnatural.

2) HOLD a credit card at an angle from the outer corner of your eye to measure where your brow should finish.

Groom your brows using a clear brow gel to tame hairs going in different directions and set them in place.

Chloe Crowhurst

The Love Island beauty spent ages doing her make-up with the other girls in the villa.

But she doesn’t always get it right – here her brows are over-filled, and way too dark for her complexion and blonde locks.

Lesson 4: Eyes

WITH fakes, extensions, tinting and perming, our eyelashes are taking a battering but dodgy mascara can result in gloopy or clumped-up spider lashes. So what should we do?

1) TO avoid clumps start with the wand at the base of your lashes and wiggle the brush as you take the mascara through to the tips.

2) APPLY a few coats of mascara. This will make sure every lash is well covered from root to tip.

To finish, comb through with a lash comb to separate.

Claudia Winkleman

The TV host is known for her heavy eye make-up, but she doesn’t always get it right.

This is one look where her heavy liner appeared smudged under her eyes.

Lesson 5: Lips

SINCE Kylie Jenner started the trend for ballooned fish lips by not-so-discreetly having fillers, overdrawn liner, bleeding lippy and lipstick on teeth are the biggest lip slips.

1) A LIP liner that is a similar colour to your lips will define your mouth perfectly.

Taking the colour into your lips – rather than over the lips – ensures it blends well with your lipstick and gives the colour extra staying power.

2) MAKE sure you always use a lip brush to apply the lipstick rather than the actual stick, as this will give a more even, precise look. Make sure it is blended well into the lip liner for a natural ­finish.

Jodie Marsh

Like many women, the glamour model fell victim to the lipstick-on-teeth beauty blunder.

Common enough, but unfortunate timing during a live TV appearance.