Face facts: make-up isn’t just for women, as I found out – Telegraph.co.uk

What would most men spend £24,000 on in the space of just three months? Home improvements? A serious gambling habit? A trip through the Serengeti to follow the majestic annual migration of the wildebeest? Well no, not if you’re the newly elected president of France, you won’t. Because if you’re the youthful Emmanuel Macron, saviour of the Gallic political centre, you’ll blow the lot on make-up.

An extravagant expenditure – but Monsieur Macron is not the only male out there to be reaching for the concealer. Cosmetics are tipped to be the new frontier in men’s grooming, with men’s make-up counters predicted to hit the high street within the next five years. Having first discovered the power of a good moisturiser, and then, ten years ago, more painful chest waxing and ‘manscaping’, gents are now looking for ways to cover up blemishes and to make that healthy post-holiday glow permanent.