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SUNBURY — Pam Rodkey said going to the Gorgeous Hair Systems Wig and Wellness Studio in Sunbury gave her a new lease on life. 

Gorgeous Studio is dedicated to helping anyone going through chemotherapy, alopecia, balding or hair loss. Rodney, who has male pattern baldness, received her first cosmetic hair graft at the salon in February.

The procedure bonds a second skin with human hair to the client’s scalp, said Kym Best, the owner and certified hair loss and replacement specialist. The second skin is contoured to the client’s head and fills in the areas where the hair is thinnest. They then custom color, cut, and style to match and blend in with the client’s naturally growing hair. 

The bond lasts eight to 10 weeks, and allows a client to have a full head of hair, Best said.

“She can go out to swim, curl her hair, and have confidence that this is her hair.”


Hair replacement makes a 'world of difference'

Pam Rodkey, of Sunbury, said her life has been changed by Gorgeous Hair Systems Wigs and Wellness Studio in Sunbury. These images show her hair before and after she received a cosmetic hair graft at the Studio. 

Photograph provided by Kym Best 

Rodkey, of Sunbury, said the procedure made a “world of difference” for her confidence. “I’m not hiding as much anymore. With this system, you feel you want to be back out in the public eye.” 

She added it can be difficult for a woman dealing with hair loss. “People judge women on their physical appearances,” she said. “It isn’t acceptable for women to have hair issues like it is for men.” 

Brenda Terrelo, another client at Gorgeous, said she didn’t want people to know about her female pattern balding due to the stigma against it. However, she wants to be more open about her experiences so others can get help. 

“I see so many women with similar problems. Now there is a solution nearby,” said Terrelo, of Lewisburg.

Best, who has alopecia, traveled to Baltimore for her own hair loss. She then decided to take matters into her own hands. 

“I’m able to offer services that help my neighbors and bring something that can only usually be found in New York City, Baltimore, or Philadelphia to Sunbury,” said Best. 

Gorgeous is the only salon in Pennsylvania to offer this specific type of cosmetic hair grafting services, Best said.

In addition to the grafting, Gorgeous also provides HairMax laser treatment, a full wig service, re-conditioning of wigs and hair extensions and more. Their Wellness Studio provides permanent makeup, European micro-blading, and 3D areola work by tattoo artist and permanent make-up specialist Russell Winslow, and massage, reflexology and Reiki sessions by licensed massage therapist Nicole Alvarez.

The studio also plans to supply prosthetics and lingerie for post-mastectomy patients. 

“You don’t realize how many people need it until you hang a sign up,” said Best, who also serves as a Northumberland County commissioner.

She said some of her clients have been referred to her by Geisinger and the Thyra M. Humphreys Center for Breast Health in Lewisburg. 

Terrelo said Best deserves the business. “She embodies everything that she needed to have to have a very successful business for people in this area who didn’t have access before,” she said. 

Gorgeous Hair Systems Wig and Wellness Studio is located at 250 Market St., Sunbury, and is by appointment only. All appointments are private and initial consultations are free. For more information, call (570) 495-4344 or visit

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