Hair salon, customer embroiled in ugly dispute – New York Post

What happened to just posting a bad Yelp review?

A woman who had a bad hair day at a Park Slope salon took her revenge by plastering fliers around the neighborhood accusing the shop’s owner of child abuse, the business owner says.

“My business is being ruined!” Mary Brescia, owner of the “Head to Toe” salon on Seventh Avenue, told The Post.

She said her nightmare began when Ani Minasya came to her shop last month for a discounted keratin treatment purchased through Groupon. Brescia ended up giving her two three-hour hair-straightening treatments for $175.

But Minasya repeatedly complained of frizziness and on July 5 brought her 9-month-old daughter to the shop to demand a refund, which Brescia refused to give.

The salon owner said the next thing she knew, Minasya and her filmmaker husband, Max Weissberg, were blanketing the area with fliers accusing her of threatening her baby with a cigarette and shaking her stroller. “Why would I burn a baby?” said Brescia, a 58-year-old grandmother.

Minasya, 34, said Brescia became “aggressive’’ when she complained and got “close to my arm with the cigarette” near the baby.

Both women called cops during the argument, but police said no charges were filed because it was just a case of she said, she said.

Brescia hired lawyer Douglas Schneider and said she’s mulling a harassment suit.