‘Hair’ shows much has changed but it’s still great to be young – Chicago Tribune

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, and as a counternarrative to our present Summer of Intolerance, “Hair” has sprung up in the friendly confines of the Mercury Theater in the Southport Corridor. That’s just to the west of Rickettsville, where one can only hope for a rerun of the Age of Aquarius.

Hello again, long-haired star-shines. Welcome to when it’s never been easier to be hard.

Whether a date on the calendar offers enough justification to revive such a once-revolutionary musical is open to debate. And the question of “why this show right now?” is never definitively answered in director Brenda Didier’s new production, which certainly embraces the familiar “Hair” iconography.

But, you know, of all the many local productions of “Hair” during the last decade or so (and let’s not forget the original producer was Chicago’s own Michael Butler), I think this one is my favorite. I certainly liked this intimate (and affordable) production far more than the last Broadway revival, which was much more self-conscious than what these Chicago actors are doing with their August at the Mercury.