Hair’s how to make money – Otago Daily Times

The hair is used to make wigs and hair extensions. Photo Getty

A Dunedin-based business is paying Kiwis for their hair, in an ethical response to unregulated trade in other parts of the world.

Freedom Hair offers money for the locks, which are used to help meet a growing demand for hair extensions and wigs in salons across the western world, Newshub reports.

Every year more than $2 million worth of human hair is imported into New Zealand, most of it from China, where an unregulated trade has sprung up.

Freedom Hair sales representative Libby Beattie said the company offered money to individuals and charities based upon the colour, quality and length of their locks – and blondes fetched the highest price.

“We only take from charities where they knew that the hair that was given to them was by choice,” Ms Beattie says. “We’re not using people’s hair to make money for ourselves.”

The trade in hair is worth a billion dollars worldwide. It’s this high demand and lack of regulation which can leave people at the bottom of the economic heap exploited for their coveted locks, Newshub reports.

Many of the wigs are sought after by sufferers of conditions such as alopecia.