High Humidity and Frizzy Hair – WTNH Connecticut News (press release)

Scattered showers are moving through the area these next few days.  Temperatures are warm but it feels warmer outside than it actually is, why is that you may ask?  Well, the humidity levels are high as well as our dew points.

So, what is the difference between dew point and humidity?  Dew point is the measure of atmospheric moisture in the air.  Humidity is the amount of moisture in the air with respect to different variables such as temperature, pressure, etc. When describing “muggy” days, using dew point is a better way to understand just how “muggy” it is.

mw dma temperatures 11 High Humidity and Frizzy Hair

When dew points are closer to the actual temperature, the more humid it will feel as there is going to be more moisture in the air.  The more moisture in the air, the warmer if feels outside, which is why today we felt more in the 80’s than in the 70’s, our actual temperature.

key dma dew points High Humidity and Frizzy Hair

That is why today was a very “muggy” day, as dew points were almost the actual temperatures outside!  And, with high humidity, comes a higher chance of frizzy hair! Make sure you use your hairspray and hair mousse to try and contain the frizz!

Meteorologist Intern Beth Finello