How to navigate the issue of ‘tweeny’ make-up –

What comes from allowing a child, girl or boy, to play with their appearance, without judgement or unsought guidance, is confidence. When the singer Pink recently gave a speech at the MTV VMA’s applauding her young daughter for her individuality, she reiterated too that taking pride in the external and expressing ourselves through it is to be celebrated, rather than see as frivolous or stupid. To that point, I bet David Bowie never told his young daughter to stop playing with silly make-up and read a book, as though these two things have any opposing relationship at all.

Admittedly the tweeny make-up waters are trickier to navigate. Suddenly there is a hormonal pressure to fall in line with your peers. Make-up here can be friend and foe. It can become a mask, not a joy. Young girls often take their cues from their mother’s approach to their own make-up bag. So if you daren’t leave the house without wearing foundation, then yes, your daughter is likely going to come to similarly rely on make-up.