‘I Kept A Hair Journal For 2 Weeks—Here’s What Happened’ – Women’s Health

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I’ll be straight with you: It takes a lot of time to keep track of all of this, and it’s the biggest commitment I’ve made to my hair in a while. For two weeks, I’d jot down my products, how much I used, if it were a particularly hot or humid day, and then what I liked about my hair and what I didn’t. I regularly air dry my hair and almost never blow it out, so I try to use a lot of texture-building products to help my curls stay put. But with my daily notes, I was realizing that these were leaving my hair a bit parched, however.

Got parched hair like Ali? Try this DIY hair moisturizer:

Thanks to my hair journal, I swapped my volumizing shampoo out for a hydrating formula (Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo, $4, walmart.com). In just a wash or two, my waves felt more defined and moisturized. Then, I brought the grit, spraying David Mallett Australian Salt Spray ($40, net-a-porter.com), which gave me just enough added oomph that my curls looked bouncy and well-defined. (We also love this voluminous hair spray from the Women’s Health Boutique!)

I’m still working on my journal, making swaps and little adjustments here and there, but I can’t recommend highly enough working on a hair journal of your very own to find your best hair yet.