If you want to switch up your hair color, Pravana’s new heat-changing hair dyes are here – HelloGiggles

If you’ve ever longed for a hair color that was emotionally transient your inner life, you no longer have to wait. There is now a line of heat-changing hair dyes from Pravana, so you can basically buy a formulaic mood ring for your hair. Given how much we love the vivid-colored blessings of Pravana, we’re hardly surprised the brand has ventured into such inventive territory.

Still, the Pravana Vivids Mood Color collection is a one-of-a-kind concept. If you’re wondering how it works — basically, there are four main color combinations: Cool Violet to Warm Pink, Lime Green to Sunny Yellow, Smokey Gray to Invisible, and Tropical Peach to Invisible.

Each of the color combinations has a base color (Cool Violet, Lime Green, Smokey Gray, and Tropical Peach) that changes into the secondary color with the application of heat.

So if you curl, blow-dry, or straighten your hair for the night — you’ll have a gorgeous transient hair color.