Issa Rae’s Stylist On Showcasing The Versatility Of Natural Hair With Tighter Coils – HuffPost

It’s very empowering. We’re kind of in a state of emergency with who we are now. It’s a lot of racial tension. I think it’s more attention being paid to black women not being beautiful. And because that became a thing, it’s made us say, “No, that’s not true and let me show you why.” So we’ve been more confident being natural. And that’s very important that we recognize who we are as women, as black women, as people of color and to not allow people on the outside to basically alter conversation. And before, it was all about having your hair straight. There was a lot of conversation around “oh, if your hair is natural, then that’s nappy, that’s not kept well.” And now women are embracing natural hair. They’re seeing that there are a lot of beautiful hairstyles. Also, if you’re natural, it keeps you having your own unique look so you’re able to stand out in the crowd with your natural hair.