Jacob deGrom Cut Off All His Hair – Sports Illustrated

The members of the Mets’ starting rotation have a few things in common. They’re all pretty good when they’re healthy, they’re usually not healthy, and most of them have flowing hair. Well, not any more. 

It looks like the first thing Jacob deGrom did after the end of the season was chop his signature locks off. 

DeGrom has threatened before to shear himself but this is the first time he’s actually followed through on it. Usually, his sister would trim his hair right before the start of spring training and he’d let it go for the entire season. 

Can I play the role of fatalistic, overreacting Mets fan for a second, though? What if deGrom’s hair whipping around his head made it difficult for the batter to pick up the ball coming out of his hand and now he won’t be as deceptive?