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The bond that most dads share with their daughters is a special one, but when it comes to tasks like brushing and braiding hair, some dads may feel under-qualified for the job.

However, dads exist who are learning how to tie that perfect hair bow or blow dry wet locks at bedtime — just ask author and speaker Doyin Richards, who posts photos of himself and his fellow dads doing their kids’ hair on his Instagram account, with the hashtag #daddydoinhair.

“I post these photos mainly to inspire dads that their role in raising children — especially little girls — is so important,” Richards told TODAY Parents. “I always like to say little girls won’t remember about lumpy ponytails and messy braids — but they will remember that you gave enough of a damn about them to try.”

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Richards says he wants his daughters to know he is able help with their hair, the same as with any other parenting responsibility he shares with their mother.

“In raising daughters, I knew I had a responsibility to learn how to style hair because I want them to expect that from me,” said Richards. “Just like I want them to expect me to prepare meals, attend their school functions, go to doctor appointments, and help with homework. It’s all a part of being a dad.”

And Richards is not alone — these 23 other dads are proudly styling their little girls’ hair, and looking adorable while doing it.

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As a single father I wear many hats – today I’m the hair straightener! No tip required!

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