Lollapalooza day four: Blaenavon is all noise, fury and flying hair – Chicago Tribune

Reports from Sunday, day four at Lollapalooza in Grant Park, from Greg Kot (GK), Kevin Williams (KM), Jessi Roti (JR) and Tracy Swartz (TS):

1:21 p.m.: The Walters are the instant black coffee Lolla day four needs. The Chicago quintet blends the spastic energy of singer Luke Olson with gawky songs of fast-fading innocence and Walter Kosner’s fluid guitar leads. As Olson channels the authority figures in his life berating him for his waywardness — “What’s your Plan B, Luke?” — he tosses off his T-shirt and spazzes out on stage. In lieu of a sedative, he pours himself into the music like a man with no other options. Are we not entertained? (GK)

1:11 p.m.: Who provided a rollicking good time on the final day of Lollapalooza from a hospital bed, in a hospital gown, with a broken foot? Barns Courtney, that’s who. Rolled back and forth across the stage by “Nurse Kimberly” — who was also on guitar pedal duty and providing Courtney with his crutches (eye roll and heavy sigh) — the Brit made the most out of his situation, his anthemic, hooky roots-pop blaring across the north side of Grant Park. Spinning himself around on one leg, whipping his head around like a madman, it was clear nothing was going to overshadow his set. “I can’t believe I got away with this idea,” he laughed. “This is ridiculous.” On a stripped, piano ballad version of “The Attractions of Youth” and a soaring rendition of his latest single “Golden Dandelions,” Courtney showcased his arena ambitions. He has big songs and a big personality, his bluesy numbers like “Hell Fire” and “Glitter and Gold” simmer with dark truths and clever commentary, yet are so damn catchy they’ll be stuck in your head for hours before you even realize it. (JR)