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Just in time for summer, mermaid hair is the latest hair trend that everyone is obsessing over! If you want to get the look like Kylie Jenner without making a serious commitment, look no further, we have easy & helpful tips!

Dying your hair can be scary, especially if you’re going to try the new mermaid hair trend. Having your hair a bunch of different colors is tough to seriously commit to, which is why we rounded up helpful and easy tips on how you can try out the hair trend for summer, like Kylie Jenner. An easy and affordable way to achieve this look without heading to the salon, is by using Spat Colorizer in Violet Vixen, or any other color you want and it’s only $8.

Splat takes 5 minutes and the color lasts up to 5-10 shampoos. “The easy to apply creamy formula conditions while you color, for less-damaged and healthy looking locks. Available in 3 bold colors; Pushy Pink, Violet Vixen and Bossy Blue, you can now change your hair color with less commitment or use regularly to keep hair fresh and bright.”
– 5 Minutes = Light Color Effect
– 10 Minutes = Medium Color Effect
– 20 Minutes = Max Color Effect

Justine Skye, Dark and Lovely Brand Ambassador, also shared that she loves to dye her hair different colors and hairstylist, Derick Monroe, shared an exact how-to:

1. “The first tip to coloring your hair at home is to always start on dry, cleaned and detangled hair.”

2. “Next, part your hair into four sections for easier distribution and manageability.”

3. “Make sure to use a hair color with added moisturizing ingredients like Olive Oil. Try Justine​’s favorite, Dark and Lovely Go Intense Passion Plum, a non-drip hair color with a plum-booster that results in bold color and brilliant shine and an incredible soft feel.”

4. “When you start applying the dye, stay half of an inch away from the scalp so you don’t get hot roots from the warm body temperature. This is when your roots are noticeably warmer or lighter in color than the ends of the hair strand.”

5. “After you apply the dye to the mid shaft of your hair, then go back and apply to your roots.
Once done, leave the dye to process in your hair for the instructed time and then rinse with cool water. Cool water locks in the hair color and provides shine to the strands.”

6. “Make sure to follow up with a sulfate-free shampoo and moisturizing conditioner. Tip to keeping your hair color fresh: Do not color your hair too often to prevent dry and damaged hair.”

What do you guys think of the mermaid hair trend — will you try it out this summer?

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