Ryne Sandberg follows in Brian Urlacher’s footsteps as hair-transplant endorser – Chicago Tribune

Cubs great Ryne Sandberg remembers the shaggy mane that flowed from underneath his Cubs cap in the 1980s.

“The styles were different,” laughed Sandberg. “I could grow this out (now) and have it over the ears. … I could go back to (my) late ’20s (style), but that’s not my goal with this — but it is an option.”

That option for Sandberg came thanks to a hair transplant procedure from Oak Brook-based Restore, the same company that transformed retired Bear Brian Urlacher’s formerly famous bald look. Sandberg has followed in Urlacher’s footsteps as its latest celebrity endorser. Restore planned a media blitz Thursday that included Sandberg appearing on TV and replacing Urlacher on billboards around town.

“About a year and a half ago I was headed toward a tight cut or a buzz cut type of a look because I was thinning pretty good,” Sandberg, 58, told Inc.