Sorry dudes, women aren’t interested in make-up sex – New York Post

When it comes to making up after a fight, men want sex while women want quality time, says the world’s least surprising study.

Researchers from Bucknell University in Pennsylvania found that, after a quarrel, dudes like receiving sexual favors or a “kind gesture.”

In contrast, gals prefer their partner to apologize and even to shed some tears.

The authors of the study surveyed data from 74 men and woman to determine which methods were most effective.

While most men chose sex, women found it more helpful when their partner said sorry, cried and spent time with them.

“Women may rate spending time together more highly because [it] signals a partner’s willingness to invest effort and . . . time into their romantic pair bond,” lead study author T. Joel Wade says in a press release.

But there’s good news for guys.

“Women may thereby use sexual favors as a way to reconcile with their male partner,” adds Wade. Doing so, he says, communicates “that they are still sexually accessible and as such do not want to end the relationship.”