Strip club brawl leads to possible ouster of nephew as administrator of hair mogul’s $3M estate – New York Daily News

He had a bad heir day.

The nephew of the deceased owner of the chic George Michael Salon in midtown has been accused of being unfit to be the administrator of the hair mogul’s $3.1 million estate because he was arrested for brawling with bouncers and cops outside a New Jersey strip club.

Tow truck driver Gary Matarazzo faces an ouster from the role after his cousin filed a petition in Manhattan Surrogate’s Court earlier this month calling for his removal over his allegedly boobish behavior.

Matarazzo is accused of draining his late aunt’s estate of $1 million in unexplained expenses and illegal distributions. A third of the money went to an attorney who represented Matarazzo on legal matters unrelated to the estate, his cousin, Marianne Albamont, said in an affidavit.

Cops gun down knife-wielding man in Midtown

Albamont also called her cousin’s character into question, bringing up his Jan. 16, 2014, arrest outside the Wet Gentleman’s Club in Belleville, N.J.

Matarazzo was arrested for striking an officer after police responded to calls of him and his son fighting with the club’s security, according to news reports. He was charged with aggravated assault of an officer and illegal possession of drugs.

Albamont also pointed to Matarazzo having to pay nearly $20,000 in civil penalties in 2011 after New Jersey’s attorney general and the state’s Division of Consumer Affairs accused his business, EZ Towing and Recovery, of predatory practices.

“We are saying that’s not the kind of man who should be a fiduciary,” Albamont’s lawyer, John Brian Macreery, told the Daily News.

John Walsh Jr., Matarazzo’s lawyer in the Manhattan Surrogate’s Court case, did not respond to requests for comment.

The Essex County Prosecutor’s Office told The News that Matarazzo’s criminal charges stemming from his strip club arrest were dismissed in July 2015 after he successfully completed a pre-trial intervention program.

Matarazzo’s aunt, Maria Matarazzo, worked with Dr. George Michael and his hair care business for 35 years. The company specializes in the treatment of long tresses.

Maria eventually bought Michael’s business, including his salon near Rockefeller Center. “My aunt’s business was so successful, it afforded her the opportunity to live a wonderful lifestyle, which included a multi-million-dollar co-op on Central Park South,” Albamont wrote in her affidavit.

Maria died in 2012 at 82. She left her estate to her siblings and named her brother — Gary Matarazzo’s dad — as the executor.

Since his dad had already died, Gary was approved as administrator of the estate in 2012.

Albamont, who is acting on behalf of her mother, Maria’s sister, said in her filing that Gary has made himself the president of the hair company without court approval.

“He has a towing business. He knows nothing about the operation of an international hair styling and hair product distribution operation,” Albamont said in her affidavit.

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