Superstitious Cardinals pitcher ditches silver hair extensions to improve results –

Carlos Martinez did not have the best April. Martinez, who entered the year as the St. Louis Cardinals ace, is sporting a 4.71 ERA following five starts — a figure that speaks to his difficulties with avoiding walks (more than four per nine innings) and home runs (1.3 per nine) alike.

While most of us would cite the small sample size and express our faith in Martinez’s ability to course-correct, he has chosen a more proactive approach, That’s because Martinez has opted to ditch his silver hair extensions, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

It could have been a good auction item, but Carlos Martinez’s silver braided hair extensions instead have been deposited in the trash can, Martinez revealed Monday evening.

Asked why he underwent the trim, Martinez, through translator Alexandra Noboa, admitted to a superstitious nature and said, “I want to win a game.”

Here’s a close look at his hair:


It’s out with the silver braided hair extensions for Carlos Martinez

Whether Martinez’s trim will work depends on belief on a haircut’s ability to impact a player’s performance. Perhaps the new trim will boost Martinez’s psyche, or clear his chakras and allow for a spiritual epiphany. Or perhaps it won’t do anything and Martinez will improve because he’s too talented to struggle for long.

Whatever the case, Martinez should look better.