The cut-out cat-eye is the ultimate terrifying Halloween make-up trend – The Sun

A TERRIFYING new make-up trend has cropped up just in time for Halloween… but be warned – it’s seriously rank.

The latest sinister beauty trend to emerge on Instagram is the cut-out cat-eye, a look designed to appear as if your wings have been gouged out from the flesh around your eyes.

In the place of a regular cat-eye look, this gory twist uses special effects make-up to give your look that Halloween edge, Metro reports.

And some beauty pros have it nailed down so well that the bloody crevasses around their eyes look real.

The disgusting trend was kicked off this year by Instagram user Rebekka Theenart, a make-up artist devoted to mastering the most terrifying beauty tricks.

Photos of her bloody cat-eyes, shared on her Insta, look as if there really is a liner-shaped trench cut from her eyelid.

The chilling make-up look was achieved with SynWax, spirit gum and a splash of fake blood.

And Rebekka isn’t the only grizzly make-up expert who has taken on the stomach-churning cut-out vibe.

Other beauty pros have shared their own stabs at the look, with one created using fake blood and liquid latex, instead of wax.

Meanwhile, one Halloween-ready blogger mixed the streak of fake blood with matted waterproof eyeliner for a disgusting twist, while others have kept it simple by just using fake blood.

To make the look even more disgusting, you can combine the bloody gash with sinister contact lenses, for that gouged-out-eyes vibe.

Just don’t expect to pull at that Halloween party if you do…

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