We’re dyeing to know: What’s up with Joe Maddon’s darker hair … – Chicago Tribune

The biggest mystery surrounding the Cubs‘ season isn’t why Kris Bryant hasn’t driven in more runs or what Jon Lester said to Chris Bosio after his shellacking by the Reds.

The question that really needs to be answered is this: What’s up with Joe Maddon‘s hair?

When he left town Aug. 6 for the “Easy Rider” road trip out west, Maddon’s bright, white mane was plain to see. The silver-haired look was part of his image, along with his dark-framed glasses. In Tampa they called him the Roger Sterling of the Rays, a nod to the “Mad Men” character.

But something strange happened in California, as it often does with the Cubs, and Maddon came home a changed man, at least from the ears up.