Guy Uses Mind-Melting Makeup Skills to Transform Into ‘Game of … – The Daily Dot

We have nothing but admiration for fandom makeup artists. The cartoon-style Silver Surfer guy has to be seen to be believed, and someone even brought the Simpsons characters to life. But alongside cartoons and fantasy cosplay, thereโ€™s something eerily impressive about transforming yourself into another human being.

Filipino actor and makeup aficionado Paolo Ballesteros does just that. Heโ€™s able to disguise himself as the main characters fromย Game of Thrones, painting his face to resemble characters like Margaery Tyrell and Cersei Lannister.

Ballesteros is a master of makeup techniques, known for creating pitch-perfect impersonations of celebrities. Last year, he actually attended Tokyo Film Festival in disguise as Angelina Jolie.

This settles it: contouring makeup is basically magic.

H/T to Elle