How to Wear Makeup With Glasses a La Emily Ratajkowski – Us Weekly

Let’s face it — glasses are super trendy — just ask Emily Ratajkowski. But do you need to change your makeup when you go for specs? We got the answer from REN Skincare brand ambassador and celebrity makeup artist Lucy Halperin on how to get our best look while wearing our favorite frames. 

Halperin, who has worked with Emma Roberts, Jaime King and Hailey Baldwin, tells Us, “ I don’t think it makes that much of a difference how you choose to wear your makeup with glasses — it’s best to wear what you are comfortable with.”

That’s good news for lovers of both lenses and beauty look, but Halperin did have one warning: “Be aware of where your makeup ends and your glasses begin. For instance, if you have a cat eye and are wearing square glasses, your eyeliner could end up looking like a whisker!” 

Another point to keep in mind? According to Halperin, the most crucial thing when it comes to rocking makeup with your glasses is keeping your brows groomed. “It’s important to make sure what’s around the glasses is well maintained,” says Halperin. In other words, tidy, groomed brows are a must. And some advice if you are partial to thick-rimmed glasses: it’s best to avoid a super bold and filled-in brow. Why? It could end up looking like there are caterpillars resting on your face. 

As for other things to skip when you’re sporting your frames, note that cream-based foundations can be troublesome as they can transfer from the skin and leave residue on your glasses. Halperin suggests that if you’re not up for switching to a powder formula you can also reach from a primer (like REN’s Perfect Canvas, which is said to improve the condition of your skin over time, so you can eventually skip foundation all together) to lock in your foundation and minimize any smudging or melting. 

And there you have it the key to makeup with glasses comes down to a good, clean brow and primed skin. It’s up to you to have fun with the rest! 

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