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After getting dragged online for his comments about It, you might expect James Charles to never mention the movie again. But, in true James Charles fashion, he chose to address the controversy in the most head-on way possible, and is now in the middle of yet another controversy. If you missed the first one, the whole thing started when James decided to go see It. Unfortunately, just 5 minutes in, and he decided that the movie wasn’t for him — Tweeting (and subsequently deleting), “Ok five minutes in and IT is already awful stay tuned for updates.” Finn Wolfhard, the star of the movie, replied asking why he was on his phone — and from there, the conversation erupted into a social media frenzy. James addressed the situation twice, first asking why people had such a problem with him saying he didn’t like the movie — then following it up with an apology that clarified the movie was good, but he didn’t personally like it.

Lest you think that was the end of it, James then resurrected the entire situation when he announced his latest makeup tutorial: a Pennywise look. “Most ironic makeup tutorial in history coming next week,” he captioned the preview. It wasn’t long before Twitter users demanded to know why he would do a tutorial based on a movie he had publicly called “awful,” but James wasn’t deterred. “Me sleeping next week when my IT tutorial goes live & half of the views are from angry stans calling me a hypocrite bc I said I hated it,” he captioned a a photo of a man sleeping with piles of money. “You don’t have to like a movie to do a tutorial on a look from it,” he added on YouTube.

Whichever side of the controversy you stand on, here’s another It-inspired Pennywise makeup tutorial if you’re into it for Halloween!

Photos Courtesy of Instagram/@jamescharles, Twitter/@jamescharles.

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