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Being photographed in the wrong makeup can lead to some scary results, Carly Chapman says.

“Certain makeup does not photograph well at all,” said Chapman, owner of Carly Chapman Makeup Artistry. “You get this ghost effect on your face.”

As a makeup artist, she adds, “I know which products are going to photograph well and which are going to be flattering.”

Chapman started her business two years ago, working mainly with brides and other people being photographed for special events. Chapman said she initially planned to become a dental hygienist, but after working as a dental assistant the past eight years realized she didn’t want to spend her life doing that.

Growing up, she had enjoyed playing with makeup and “always had art entered in art shows,” so she decided to combine the two interests. Chapman started by practicing on friends and family but eventually completed an online course through the RPM Makeup Academy, headed by celebrity makeup artist Rain Andreani.

While makeup artists do not have to be licensed, Chapman said, “I was just wanting to get some kind of certification under my belt just in case anybody asked. Honestly, I’ve never had anybody ask.”

Chapman works some out of her home, where her husband built her a makeup studio with professional-grade lighting. But she says she caters to many clients on the location of their event, “which kind of helps make their lives a little easier” and which is a service all makeup artists don’t offer.

“It’s a very mobile business,” she said.

A makeup package for a bride generally costs about $130, which includes a customized skin care regiment the client can use prior to her wedding, a trial makeup session, and the wedding day makeup session. The cost for bridesmaids and clients for events such as a formal dance is $65 per person. The charge for models at a photo shoot ranges from $55 to $70, depending on how much work is required.

Chapman participated in the 2016 Wichita Bridal Expo and has also worked with several local professional photographers on photo shoots.

“I think if you are going to be photographed, you almost have to have a makeup artist,” she said.

Chapman said her approach “is not to mask the skin but to enhance it, and that’s by focusing on my clients’ best features, whether that’s their eyes or their cheekbones, and only cover what needs to be covered, like blemishes or discolorations.”

Her husband did more than just build her a studio, she said. As she prepared to complete her online course, she needed at least one male client to work on.

“I volunteered him,” she said. “I’ve done my husband’s makeup, and he was a real champ about it.”

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