Male makeup counters could be hitting stores soon – AOL

Taboos are changing for the selfie generation.

Male makeup counters could hit stores within the next five years, says a L’Oreal Executive.

Vismay Sharma, L’Oreal’s UK managing director, told the Daily Telegraph that demand for makeup among men is growing fast.

Although there is a small group of men using makeup products, Sharma predicts within 5 to seven years drug stores and department stores will have male-targeted counters.

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Sharma says more and more men are acknowledging they can use makeup which in turn is making what was previously taboo into more of a common practice.

Online retailer ASOS seems to be following the trend. They just launched a male-only beauty range with concealer, beard and brow filler and mascara.

These types of products mark the first time men and teenage boys are being offered makeup products like concealers and foundations to subtly improve their appearance.

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