People Are Using Food as Makeup on YouTube – Food & Wine

When it comes to creative beauty routines, there’s a big difference between the amateurs and the professionals. That is to say, there’s “using an egg white mask,” and then there’s…”finding the actual chicken who laid the egg and using crafting its feathers into a tool that you can use to fill in your brows.”

Yes, that really happened.

What we’re saying is, when it comes to food-as-makeup challenges, YouTubers aren’t kidding around. Forget using a little turmeric as eye shadow; these folks are getting seriously creative, using everything from marshmallows as sponges to Skittles as face paint. YouTube star Ms. Yeah is the latest to try out the trend, with her recent video showcasing her unique ability to turn anything into makeup—from tomato sauce to rice flour to, yes, even chicken feathers.