The Makeup Remover That Make the End of the Day So Easy … – Reader’s Digest

The-Easiest-Way-to-Remove-Makeup-After-a-Long-Day-206652598-gpointstudiogpointstudio/shutterstockNeed a fast fix for your face in between work and a dinner date or before bed? Welcome to the cotton club. Pre-saturated cotton pads are big business these days—and for good reason: They are quick and effective while addressing specific skincare concerns. Want to remove eye makeup, shrink pores, tone skin and improve skin texture? Cotton can do all this and more! For quick cleansing and effective makeup removal, try the makeup remover products below.

For eye makeup removal

Marcelle Instant Eye Make-Up Remover Pads, $12 at mass-market retailers

For radiance and texture

Laboratoire Dr Renaud Triple Performance Peels Pads, $70 at mass-market retailers

For complexion prep

Nip+Fab Bee Sting Fix Toning Pads, $13 at mass-market retailers

For smaller pores

Rodial Super Acids X-treme Pore Shrink Cleansing Pads, $48 at

These cotton cleansing products, along with our other expert skincare tips and products, will have your skin happy, healthy, and glowing in no time.