6 Glitter Makeup Products That Sparkle Bright on the Kirakira App – Vogue.com

In person, glitter always packs a punch. But captured through the lens of camera—particularly when it’s of the smartphone persuasion—it tends to lose its luster. Or, it did, before Kirakira came along. Now, thanks to the Japanese app’s magical light-reflecting filters, holographic pigments are taking on a whole new life backstage and beyond. Why not recalibrate your makeup bag accordingly?

While every product from Rihanna’s just-released Fenty Beauty Galaxy collection is begging for the KiraKira treatment, it’s the Eclipse 2-in-1 Glitter Release Eyeliner, which comes in metallic shades such as navy-black (Alien Bae), nude-gold (Later, Crater), and emerald-black (Nepturnt) that beg to be bolstered for truly intergalactic feline flicks. But to really kick the app’s twinkle animation into overdrive with your gaze, smudge Stila’s pearlescent Glitter and Glow Liquid Eyeshadow or one of the shimmery jewel-tone shades from Pat McGrath’s Mothership III Eyeshadow Palette into the lids, or press MAC’s 3D Platinum loose glitters haphazardly all around the eye area as demonstrated backstage at Stella Jean’s Spring 2018 show.

For just a touch of iridescence instead, experts suggest swiping Nars Photogloss Lip Lacquer in golden “Muse” over the lips or tap Milk’s Holographic Highlighting Powder on the highs of the cheekbones. No matter how you choose to bait Kirakira, your Instagram feed will thank you.