A step-by-step guide on mastering the easiest Halloween skeleton makeup – Washington Post

Rather than stressing out over YouTube tutorials, allow Baltimore-based professional makeup artist Lexi Martinez to step in and remind us that a person doesn’t have to be a full-blown Michelangelo type to master cool Halloween face paint. Here’s her guide to mastering skeleton face makeup like a pro.

What you need: White cream makeup, black cream makeup, black eyeshadow, black gel eyeliner, eyeliner brush, black pencil liner, foundation brush (or makeup sponge), translucent setting powder (or baby powder), concealer brush, powder brush

1. White face: Use the foundation brush to evenly apply white cream makeup on the whole face, except for around the eyes. Use the powder brush to swipe on translucent setting powder over the makeup.

2. Eye sockets: Use the concealer brush and black cream makeup to draw a curved line directly over one eyebrow. Extend that curved line down underneath the eye to the cheekbone, and then back upward to connect the circle. Fill in the area, including eyelid. Use the eyeshadow brush to dust black eyeshadow over the black cream. Line eye with black pencil liner. Repeat on other eye.

3. Nose cavity: Use the eyeliner brush and gel eyeliner to draw an M shape over the bridge of the nose. Draw curved lines around the nostrils that connect to the ends of the M shape. Fill in nose with gel eyeliner.

4. Mouth: Use the eyeliner brush and gel eyeliner to draw vertical lines on the top lip to make teeth. Continue drawing lines past lip. Repeat with matching lines on the bottom lip. Use the eyeliner brush to round the ends where the lines meet to create teeth shapes and gently smudge the lines to give the teeth dimension.

5. Eyebrow expression lines: Using the gel eyeliner and eyeliner brush, make vertical boomerang shapes right above the inner brows. Smudge the area next to each line right above each eye to create dimension.

6. Temples: At the natural temple, use the gel eyeliner and eyeliner brush to draw an L shape facing the hairline. Smudge the shape for dimension. Repeat on other side.

7. Jawbones: Use the eyeliner brush and gel eyeliner to draw a horn shape on the cheek that begins next to one ear and opens up at the drawn-on teeth. Fill in the shape. Repeat on the other side.

Plus, follow Martinez’s pro tips for a stress-free Halloween:

Use a good brand of theatrical makeup. Martinez recommends Ben Nye. “They’re one of the top products for theatrical makeup in terms of durability and how opaquely they apply,” she says. “They don’t crack or dry out on the skin. And they’re only about $7 a pod, so you’re not going to spend too much more for the quality that you get.”

Get yourself a cheap brush kit. “Especially if you decide to go with the cheaper version of any of the [makeup] products, having the right brushes to apply can be just as important, if not more, than [the makeup].” Plus, you don’t want to dirty up the brushes you use for your daily makeup. Martinez recommends EcoTools’ starter brush kit.

If you’re anticipating sweat, bring powder. Translucent setting powder is the key to keeping your makeup smudge-proof. “If you notice the makeup is becoming shiny or oily, use translucent setting powder with a powder brush or puff and lightly press or dust powder over any areas that aren’t dry to the touch,” Martinez says.