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Getting your makeup just right can be just what you need to face the day. By highlighting your best features and making your skin look well nourished, makeup acts like a sort of armour for the modern woman. The right shade of foundation can make you feel like a flawless beauty and a beautiful red lipstick can make you feel powerful.

However, we rarely get that professional look when we do our own makeup at home. That might be due to the fact that even the best of us make mistakes with our makeup. Experts say that as many as 90 per cent of women commit common makeup misdemeanours at one point or the other.

Become a makeup pro (sort of) by avoiding these common cosmetic crimes:

Storing makeup in bathroom

Keeping your makeup arsenal in the bathroom makes sense, right? You can access it easily and put it on right after your shower. However, experts say that you should reconsider storing your beauty supplies elsewhere. Most beauty products contain natural oils and waxes which can be ruined by the fluctuating temperatures in the bathroom. Most beauty products- such as lotions, foundation, and essential oils- will hold up nicely in room temperatures in your bedroom.

The fix: The best place to store some beauty products –such as eye creams, perfumes, eye liners, facial masks, and nail polish, is in the fridge! That will prolong their life.

Lipstick on naked lips

Most of us are guilty of applying lipstick on naked lips. It’s so easy to apply a dash of lipstick just before a meeting. However, applying lipstick on naked lips can dry out your lips, make the colour to smear and smudge easily, and not to last long. Instead, dab a bit of primer or foundation onto your lips before lipstick application. Or even better- apply a light face moisturizer or oil and let it soak in before putting on lipstick.

Wrong foundation shade

When you buy the right shade of foundation for your skin tone and apply it right, it can instantly transform your skin from splotchy to glowing. When buying foundation, it is crucial to test it correctly so you end up with the right shade. A common mistake that most women make is that they smear the foundation on the backs of their hands, wrists, or arms for a quick test before purchase. However, the skin on your wrists and arms is rarely the same complexion as your face. You’ll have better results if you test the foundation directly on your cheek or neck. Artificial light in the store can also lead to buying the wrong shade, make sure to look at yourself in natural light (outside the shop) before buying.

Foundation rule: If it changes the colour of your face, it isn’t the right shade. The perfect shade should match your natural complexion.

Ring around the lips

Inexplicably, there are plenty of women who love to overdraw their lip borders with lip liner or even eye pencil. This makeup trend is not only outdated but very unflattering. Instead of making your lips look plump, it adds years to your face. For a natural look, either skip lip liner or pick a liner which is the shame shade or just slightly darker than your natural lip colour. You can use a lip brush to soften and blend the look.

Tip: If you have thin lips and desire a fuller look, go for creamy gloss.

Drawn- in eyebrows

Unless you’re aiming for a cartoonish or clownish look, drawn-in eyebrows are a no-no. Drawing harsh lines on your brow with eye pencil makes it harder to blend them for a softer natural look that everyone should aim for. When it comes to eyebrows and makeup in general, remember that less is more. For a perfect match, go for a colour that is the same of slightly lighter than your natural eyebrow colour. Using a small, flat-tipped and angled brush, blend into your natural eyebrow shape with light strokes.

Extra tip: Use an eye pencil to lightly mark the borders of your eyebrows before filling them in.

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