Bésame Cosmetics is coming out with an "Agent Carter" collection … – HelloGiggles

As if Bésame Cosmetics’ huge Disney announcement wasn’t enough to satisfy the makeup-obsessed, the vintage beauty brand has confirmed that a collaboration with Marvel on an Agent Carter collection is in the works. Fans of both Bésame Cosmetics and the now-cancelled Agent Carter TV show may already have been aware of a connection between the two. After all, Peggy Carter wore Bésame’s Red Velvet lipstick on the show, as evidenced by a tweet made by actress Hayley Atwell  back in 2014.

Like a master spy, Bésame discreetly dropped the news on their website via a “company letterhead” from Stark Industries. It reads, “Peggy, Your newest pieces of tech are on the way. I’ll admit makeup is not my strong suit so we teamed up with an American brand to make our tech look as convincing as possible. This is as much details as I can tell you in an unclassified letter. Your mission briefing will be in the fall, enjoy the summer. — Howard.” So clever!

Bésame Cosmetics

Hmm, “newest pieces of tech” can’t help but make us think the collection will feature spy-themed packaging.

Perhaps we can expect the Bésame Cosmetics version of Peggy’s “Sweet Dreams” lipstick?