Comic-Con 2017: Watch makeup artists transform actors into monsters – OCRegister

Monsters and makeup go hand-in-hand at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con, thanks to the popularity of cosplay. The Cinema Makeup School booth was packed with many wishing to learn how to make monsters or their favorite character come to life.


During the four-day event, makeup artists and sculptors from the school demonstrated their craft by making over volunteers and actors into a variety of creations — from simple facial makeup, to complicated multi-eyed monsters, that can take a long time to create.

“From conception to now, over five months,” said Pedro Rios, an assistant makeup artist, and monster mask fabricator.

One of the actors was Johnny Leftwich, who sat in a chair for more than five hours, while the team of makeup artist and sculptor Madison Burger and an assistant transformed him into Praya, a creepy monster.

Part of the process included prepping Leftwich with a bald cap, so he could more easily remove the large monster mask when done at the end of the day. He also had to wear special yellow contact lenses to complete the look.

Burger created the monster mask by sculpting it out of clay. When she was done, Rios took over.

“The fabrication took over 320 hours,” he said.

For the actors, five hours is not uncommon for complicated characters, but for the makeup artists, it means long hours on their feet when on a movie set.

“I tell people they better have the passion for this job because you’re really going to need it,” said Ve Neills, director of the school.

After the mask and touch-up work was done on the head, Leftwich donned a costume, complete with a tail and proceeded to walk around the San Diego Convention Center floor, showing off to attendees.