Cooking up cosmetics for a natural look –

Not everything is a kitchen staple. Alex uses vitamin E as a preservative, carrot seed oil for its anti-ageing qualities and SPF 40, and for a pricey anti-wrinkle product, frankincense. Her standard concealer contains small portions of a red, yellow and blue oxide, which colour correct, added to a tablespoon of Australian beige clay. Her primer contains sericite mica, which is light reflective. “It’s really good for healing acne scars. So rather than putting on make-up and taking it off and your skin is 10 times worse, this is better. That is the goal for me. If you want to wear make up, it shouldn’t damage your skin.”

The recipes have been trial and error, with Alex admitting: “I have looked disastrous in my time. There were long periods when I first started off looking like I hadn’t had a bath.”

She’s planning to launch her own range of natural products in the UK in March. In the meantime, those who feel inspired can use her book to craft their own at home.

“I hope it gives people the opportunity to have what everybody should have. A product they can use, knowing it isn’t going to hurt them.”


Fresh Faced Beauty and Fresh Faced Makeup by Alex Brennan are published by Pavilion.