Gwen Stefani’s Makeup Artist Shares His 32-Second Face Trick – E! Online

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It’s no secret Gregory Arlt, Gwen’s makeup artist, is a fan of all that shines; however, there is the age-old concern that anything with sheen can make mature skin look even older, especially if you have crow’s feet or deep wrinkles. “It’s amazing how urban legends have carried on through the years, because that was when technology was not what it is now,” he explained. “When you did put frosted eye shadows on, it did look like aluminum foil; it exacerbated every wrinkle and every crease. While it’s true that matte minimizes imperfections (like if you were painting a wall and there were nicks and dings, you’re not going to use high-gloss paint), I think if a woman has 32 seconds to get ready, then definitely [put on a product with] shimmer because it just pops. It puts a little life on your face.” That could be a frosted lip, blush with sheen, and if you dare, even glitter eyes.