John Legend Shows His Love for Chrissy Teigen With a Stunning Makeup-Free Pic – Us Weekly

ย John Legend loves all of Chrissy Teigen, and he wants the world to know. The “Love Me Now” singer, 38, shared a stunning photo of his bare-faced wife, 31, to show how beautiful he thinks she is without makeup.

“No filter necessary,” Legend captioned the Tuesday, August 29, Instagram of the supermodel, whose skin is glowing without a drop of makeup.ย 

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A post shared by Celebrity Hairstylist (@jenatkinhair) on Aug 29, 2017 at 5:28pm PDT

The duo, married for nearly four years, have been enjoying a romantic getaway to Corsica with celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin and photographer Mike Rosenthal. The two couples enjoyed activities such as boating and swimming โ€” and the Sports Illustrated model has been rocking some seriously sexy high-leg bathing suits.

A post shared by John Legend (@johnlegend) on Aug 27, 2017 at 1:57pm PDT

Legend recently shared details about his stronger-than-ever relationship with the Lip Sync Battle host. “There’s no problem with openness in our relationship,” he said in a new interview with Cosmopolitan. “You know Chrissy. She doesn’t hold anything back! I’m quite reserved, but being with someone like her inspires me to be open about my emotions. She brings them out of me because sheโ€™s so open about hers.”

He also opened up about how their struggle with fertility brought them closer together: “Having a baby is a big challenge for a couple, and going through that together strengthens your bond because if you make it through [having a child], you know you can make it through anything. We’re lucky that we’re living in an age where we can conceive in other ways. [IVF] brought us [16-month-old daughter] Luna and hopefully it will bring us a few more awesome kids, too.”

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