A Montreal jury on Thursday watched the apparent taped confession of a 28-year-old former member of the Canadian Armed Forces who is on trial for murder in the 2009 death of a makeup artist.

The body of Pina Rizzi, 47, was found burned and wrapped in a carpet in a shed behind an auto repair shop in Montreal on Aug. 4, 2009. The case remained unsolved for years, but in 2013, Jean-Phillipe Tremblay was arrested and charged with first-degree murder in connection with Rizzi’s death.

In court on Thursday, the jury watched his lengthy police interrogation, during which Tremblay initially denies everything as police lay out their evidence.

“It all comes down to one person,” the investigator is heard saying to the suspect in French.

Then, minutes later, Tremblay is heard saying as the investigator holds his hand. “I lost my temper and I pushed her,” Tremblay says in French.

He tells the detective that he had met Rizzi hours before in downtown Montreal. The pair ended up at a shed behind an auto repair shop on Notre Dame St. Rizzi, he said, was pressuring him to have sex but he felt embarrassed because he could not perform.

“I began punching her. I didn’t stop,” Tremblay is heard saying. “I grabbed something and hit her hard.”

The detective conducting the interrogation presses him for more details, suggesting to Tremblay that Rizzi tried to leave, but he pulled her back into the shed. Video surveillance obtained from outside the shed appears to show the pair’s movements outside the shed.

Tremblay admits on tape that he took a piece of wood and struck Rizzi. He added that he’s “well-aware” that he’s going to jail and that he won’t see his “wife and children for a long time.”

When asked by the detective if he has a message for Rizzi’s family, Tremblay whispers that he’s “really sorry for what I did.”

Tremblay’s trial is continuing.

With a report by CTV Montreal’s Stephane Giroux