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To celebrate the relaunch of her Saint and Sinner perfumes last month, Kat Von D ran a contest on Instagram, asking makeup artists to create makeup looks based on them. Thousands posted stunning pictures of black-and-white looks, in hopes of winning an all-expenses-paid trip to Los Angeles for the launch party, as well as some free Sephora and Kat Von D goodies. Gypsy Freeman, a makeup artist who goes back and forth between Florida and Kansas, was named the winner. However, she was soon disqualified from the contest before she could make it to the big event.

The makeup artist told The Wichita Eagle that an Instagram she posted showing support for Donald Trump was the reason for her disqualification from the Saint + Sinner contest. On the day of the 2016 election, Freeman posted a picture of the Trump for President logo without a caption.

Once Kat Von D saw this post, Freeman told the newspaper that she received a direct message from Von D’s personal Instagram account. Freeman showed The Wichita Eagle screenshots of the conversation which said, Von D had “definitely drawn a personal line in the sand between myself and anyone who supports that man.” She also wrote to Freeman that, “My launch party [and my brand] celebrates many things that Trump is against. And I just need you to know that I personally have a hard time with inviting anyone who would support such an anti-feminist, anti-homosexual/LGBT, anti-immigrant, and anti-climate change fascist such as Trump.”

In the screenshots the newspaper posted, the DMs show Freeman had an amicable response. “I understand,” the makeup artist wrote back. “I am, however, not Trump…We would love to be there, of course, but I sincerely do understand if you decide to replace us with someone who supports the candidate you support.”

Not wanting Freeman to think the invitations to the party were based on people’s political stance, Von D replied, “It’s just extremely difficult (borderline impossible) for me to be friends with or associate with anyone who would support a man who goes against everything I stand for. I would feel the same way towards people who supported Hitler, or any other fascist.”

Although Kat Von D hasn’t officially spoken out or commented on this story, her personal Instagram, as well as Kat Von D Beauty’s, no longer have posts regarding the contest on them. The announcement of the start of the contest and the winner were deleted from both pages. Freeman’s entry is still up on her own account.

Freeman has no plans to delete the Trump post or use Kat Von D products in the future, she told the newspaper. “Part of the great thing about this country is having freedom of speech,” she said. In all, Freeman said that it was unfortunate that Kat Von D made the Saint + Sinner contest about politics “where I never brought it into the art contest.”

Freeman’s parting words to The Wichita Eagle: “It’s definitely bigotry — it’s everything that they’re calling us, they’re doing,” she said. “It’s a huge case of hypocrisy.”

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