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Beauty lovers everywhere have taken the monochromatic makeup trend to a whole new level.

Monochromatic makeup is hands down one of the biggest makeup trends in 2017. Living up to its name, monochromatic makeup is achieved by using eye, lip, and cheek colors from the same color family or matching eye or lip colors to an outfit.

This trend has been more popular this has and always will be relevant in the makeup world according to celebrity makeup artist, Ashunta Sheriff, who said that “monochromatic has been around since the ‘50s and will continue to be in fashion regardless of what is happening, because it always works for all skin tones and fashion trends.”

The easily accomplished makeup trend has now been intensified by many makeup lovers and artists on Instagram and twitter.


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In addition to using cheek, lip, and eye colors within the same family, they are now matching their hair to the makeup.

¡Hola bichines! Os traigo dos looks en tonos fríos y en tonos cálidos + #swatches de todos los #cosmicmetals (pasad las imágenes 😅) En mi look he utilizado (todo de @nyxcosmetics_es ) – Total control drop foundation 07 – Duo chromatic 04 – Paleta de sombras Nyx ultimate 03 – Ombre blush mauve me 04 – Vinyl Liquid liner – vivid brights 02 – Faux whites 07 – Cosmic metals 04 Dark nebula En el de @littlezombiee he utilizado (todo de @nyxcosmetics_es ) – Total control drop foundation 10 – Duo chromatic 03 – Paleta de sombras Nyx ultimate 03 – Ombre blush mauve me 04 – Vinyl Liquid liner – vivid brights 01 – Faux whites 07 – Cosmic metals 08 speed of lights Swatches (en orden de izquierda a derecha) 06 Solar energy, 02 fuchsia fusion, 10 ultraviolet, 05 asteroid aura, 09 celestial star, 04 dark nebula, 12 comet`s tail, 07 electromagnetic, 03 out of this world, 18 elite, 17 metropolitan night, 16 crystalized metal, 15 retro harmony, 14 galactic love, 13 celestial, 08 speed of light, 11 extraterrestrial, 01 galactic #nyxcosmetics_es #arcticfoxhaircolor #glitterqueens #nyxcosmetic

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As someone with purple hair, I’m beyond excited to try this trend out, but it is totally possibly to achieve with natural colored hair.

A lot of makeup marvels have opted for wearing wigs instead of dyeing their hair a different color every week, which is an easy, temporary option for anyone who just wants to try this once for a party!