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DURBAN – A DURBAN businesswoman who sells beauty products has come under fire as more people are coming forward, claiming they were duped by makeup artist Shiloh King of Glo Cosmetics. 

The Westville-based spa, Basil and Bamboo, said it had pulled the Glo Cosmetics products off the shelves after they conducted their own investigation on the claims that she made the products herself.



King claimed she made her own products, however, Phoenix resident Ronel Govender alleged in the Sunday Tribune that the brand relabelled cheap skincare range products and sold them for thousands. The products were allegedly bought for as little as $1 and resold for more than R3000.

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Approached for comment again on Tuesday, King said her company Glo Cosmetics would issue a statement on Wednesday and refused to answer any questions put to her.

Earlier this year, King said the secret to her looking young was an “age old” family secret, which was used in tandem with a “few recommended ingredients”.

A screengrab earlier this year, where Shiloh King claimed she developed her own skincare range. 

Since the Sunday Tribune published the story on Sunday, consumer Trimaine Ramlakan Saligram took to Facebook on Monday to share images of another makeup product she purchased from Glo Cosmetics.

Upon removing the labeling, Saligram also discovered that the original label was still on the product. In her social media post, she said: “When I questioned Glo cosmetics’ Shiloh King about this, I was instantly blocked. I honestly thought Glo Cosmetics was her brand only to realise she was sourcing out make up from elsewhere and putting her labels on them. First time I was deceived regarding make up.”

Her post was shared more than 370 times since last night and has been attracting multiple comments from others who’ve had similar experiences.

In an article published on Sunday, Glo Cosmetics representative, Elijah Woodarajh, admitted that the wrong batch of products was sent by the supplier and the company had to relabel them as it was their first batch of products received. 

` Make up causes embarrassing tears at a funeral. Picture: Screengrab