My Makeup Routine Is My Morning Meditation – BuzzFeed News

From behind, I suppose it could look like I actually am meditating. On the floor of my bedroom I sit, legs crossed, in front of a mirror that leans against the wall. I hate doing my makeup standing up, where I become distracted by the effort it takes to remain upright, fighting the urge to shift my weight from foot to foot.

I often joke to my boyfriend, friends, and myself that I could start getting ready three hours early and still end up rushing out the door. I’m rarely late, but am constantly about to be late, scrambling to leave the house. Before work, my mornings involve just about anything that can save me time: instant oats, the hottest setting on my hair dryer, and a wardrobe that no longer includes anything that requires ironing. For someone who shaves their legs, I can go weeks without finding the time during my morning shower to do so, and when I finally do, it’s always a dodgy rush job.

My beauty routine, however, is something I cannot hurry through. It begins with syrupy golden jojoba oil that takes minutes to properly massage into my skin, and ends with the application of mascara — a separate mini-routine I’ve perfected over the years, swiping the wand across the ends of my lashes, then zigzagging from root to tip again and again until the perfect fan has formed. My morning makeup routine is when I am most focused, most mindful. I don’t need an adult coloring book when I can fill in my eyebrows.