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(AP/Meredith) — As always when it comes to beauty trends, the eyes are the main focus. Lashes are still in favor at this year’s Beauty Show, just not lashings of them.

According to the beauty experts here we’re moving into phase where despite dark and rich autumn, winter colors we are looking more natural.

That still requires a higly groomed look, but perhaps the colors are more demure. Olivia Cox is a beauty blogger and what the experts here call a ‘beauty influencer’.

She says the new style is like a particular lifestyle.

According to Cox: “It’s a kind of feeling that you just woke up like this, but it’s a little bit tweaked so it’s not like the 90s that we had a couple of seasons ago, it’s not Marcus Lutter oh these girls just woke up with last night’s mascara, it’s still very slick, very sleek, very sophisticated. You might be on a yacht at Cannes or Monaco Grande Prix, but there’s not too much colour, we’ve stripped back that very harsh contouring, it’s a lot more natural and where we are seeing things like brows and lashes attended to, it’s in a natural way, so no more HD brows, no more extreme lashes unless you want to make a statement.”

Cox warns this is not an excuse to be lazy with your makeup saying: “If you really know about beauty and you really follow the trends then you’re going to be you, but an exceptional version of you.”

Getting a smooth and sleek silhouette is still very much on the agenda.

In recent years as each new development in technology came along image-conscious men and women have been keen to try radiofrequency, cryolipolosis (which claims to destroy fat cells by freezing), cavitational radiofrequency (ultrasound waves which are claimed to destroy fat cells ) and other treatments.

Now companies like 3D are putting these are putting the treatments together in one package aimed at freezing and melting away any extraneous fat, and cellulite.

3D trainer Natalie Davies says: “You will see a difference with one of these technologies, with cavitational radiofrequency and shockwave we use for drainage and fat metabolism at the end, you will see a difference from the first treatment and you will have a measurable difference as well, but the results improve as the weeks go on. So the more you have the better it gets, the stronger the skin gets, so it holds everything better and it carries on. A few things the client needs to do, drink two liters of water a day, make sure they’re having a healthy diet being active always benefits everything, so that makes a difference, but making sure that they flush everything out well is great and it really enhances those results.”

Also this year’s treatments aren’t just about what you put on your face and body.

The cosmetic company the Institute for Anti Aging also provides their clients with tailored vitamin and other supplements, the idea being that if you want to look freshly and natural on the outside you have to ensure your body is getting all the nutrients on the inside.

Supplements have grown in popularity in recent years and the Institute’s Davina Kumal says this has gone hand in hand wth the growing number of beauty devices which can be used in the home.

Kumal says: “Devices now at home are becoming a big trend making sure that you’re using them, you haven’t got a lot of time to go in salon, people are time poor, so making sure you’re making the time to put that time in to care for your skin, you can’t just expect it to look after itself you have to look after it as well. Put the care in.”

Of course not everyone is bothered about looking natural, bright hair colour and face color is still being used by women here to make more of a statement.

Beauty is a luxury and companies won’t hang around in markets where spending is tight. In the UK there is also the unknown over how Briton’s exit from the EU will impact business.

But Ian Archbold the director of Olympia Beauty says:”Everybody is suffering and having a real-time looking at where they’re paying for mortgages and everything else, but the opportunity to have a feelgood factor with new product developments, whether it be through lashes, whether it be through nails and going for a treatment, they’re finding that they can do that at a much more cost-effective price.”

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