Rihanna’s makeup line is making steps forward – Virginia Tech Collegiate Times

From standing up for women’s rights to being a fashion trendsetter, it’s no secret that Rihanna is a pop-culture icon. And just when you thought that Rihanna couldn’t get any better, she released the Fenty beauty line, complete with 40 shades of foundation.

According to the Twittersphere, Fenty has been an absolute hit:

So, aside from Bad Girl Riri herself releasing this makeup line, what’s the big whoop?

“Women, especially women of color, have always had a hard time finding shades of makeup, specifically foundation … that look good on their skin,” said Jennifer Turner, a doctoral candidate in the sociology and women’s and gender studies departments. “So, Rihanna decided to make this makeup not only for women with really, really dark skin tones but also with really light skin tones.”

However, it’s not all sunshine and glitter — for some, this foundation is out of reach. Unfortunately, high-end makeup and sticker shock go hand in hand — and Fenty is no different.

Fear not — according to Sara Joy-Hogg, an aspiring makeup artist in the area and a Virginia Tech alumna, there are some drugstore alternatives that cater toward females with darker skin tones (Maybelline, Black Opal and Black Radiance just to name a few).

Aside from the foundation, another product within the line that is creating quite the buzz is the gold highlighter, Trophy Wife.

“I liked that product the most,” said Kathrinna Hammon, vice president of Glo Fleaux. She also had the chance to try the match stick and the foundation, stating that they were both a bit dry.

For individuals who have a hard time finding their skin tone, there are some beauty pages out there for individuals who have a hard time finding their color. Joy-Hogg recommends Jackie Aina and Alissa Ashley, both on YouTube, while Hammon suggested Nikkie Tutorials and Face Over Matter, also channels on YouTube.

While Turner believes that the beauty industry still has a long way to go, she says that this is progress.

“This tells the rest of the beauty world that everyone deserves to feel beautiful and comfortable, no matter their skin tone.”