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With the unofficial start to summer this weekend, it’s the perfect time to consider a change in your makeup routine for the warmer season.

Pro makeup artists gathered recently for the Makeup Show New York City said that as the temperatures change, so should the way we approach our products, favoring bronzer over contouring powder, and sheer, dewy foundation over full coverage options.

“Everything is going back to a natural skin, light glow,” Emmy Award-winning makeup artist Kevin James Bennett said. Instead of picking a medium or full coverage foundation, artists like Bennett recommend picking tinted moisturizers or sheer foundations that give skin a more natural look. “I’m noticing a trend toward giving face dimension without harsh contour.”

“Everybody wants to go with a lighter feel on their skin with the summertime when it’s hot and humid,” said local pro makeup artist and esthetician Penny Boughton in a phone interview. “It’s important to wear a moisture tint or a tinted sunblock so you don’t have to layer.”

Boughton, who works at Suede Salon and Spa in Evesham, mentioned Stila Sheer Color Tinted Moisturizer, which has SPF 20. She added that fashion is moving away from harsh contouring and glittery highlight, too.

“Contouring has been big for a long time, but I try to show ways to contour with bronzer so it’s a little less product. That’s something I like,” she said of her work with clientele at the salon.

“Bronzers are back and simple,” said Stephanie Koutikas, creative director at Mehron Makeup. “Less is more. It’s more like a beachy look; no big contour and highlight.”

Mehron sells Aura Bronzing Gel, which has a subtle glow to it and can bring a bronze look to the face as well as the body. Pro makeup artist James Vincent, who is director of education and artistry for the Makeup Show, recommends using bronzer where the sun hits your face and said the trend for summer is called “non-touring,” because contouring is typically used in the shadows of your face. He favors Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder.

Whether you opt for a matte or glowing bronzer, pick a highlighter that gives you a pearlescent glow. “Stay away from shimmer and glitter,” Vincent said, adding that summer is about “a combination of heat and light.”

While the matte liquid lip has ruled for a while now, “gloss is slowly and surely trying to come out of that dark cave it crawled into years ago,” said Lori Taylor Davis, global pro lead artist at Smashbox Cosmetics, adding that the finish would be metallic or shiny, but not glasslike. Smashbox recently launched a line of Be Legendary Liquid Metal Lipsticks that are on trend in colors ranging from pinky nude to jewel-toned blue, which seems like a bold move for the brand.

“We’re more of a classic makeup line, but we like to do things that are out of the box,” Taylor Davis said. “They have to make sense to our customer and to us as a brand.”

Metallic lip options are as prominent as metallic eye options. Mehron offers Metallic Powder with Mixing Liquid that allows the user to choose a metallic lip, highlighter, eye shadow or eyeliner look.

“Metallics are sticking around,” Vincent said. “Metallics are showing up in unexpected places, like the highest points of the cheek.”

While considering metallic on the cheek, “blush is back” as well, Vincent added. “It’s all about the placement.”

He said reds and pinks go best on the apples of the cheeks, while coral and orange hues should be placed on the highest points.

Other trends to keep an eye on this summer include a distressed version of the smoky eye, winged eyeliner and pops of color in general. Brows are more dense and natural, which can be set with a brow gel like Senna Brow Fix X.

“I teach (clients) how to fill their brows in,” Boughton said. “People get their brows overdone all the time, and when you overdo a brow you just don’t get it back.”

Anyone who isn’t sure how to “non-tour,” or who wants help achieving any trend or makeup look, can always call the salon. Boughton said she’s been giving makeup lessons for 25 years, offering custom blending for a lot of her clients and advising them on products they’ll need and use, not just buy on a whim.

“I offer that service complimentary — the only thing clients spend money on is the products,” Boughton said of her makeup lessons. “These are things you know you can use. They go together; they work together. It keeps my clients from buying products they don’t use.”

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